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Approaching its 30th year of existence, Odontomega is one of the companies with the greatest agility to stay ahead of the changes that transform the dental market. We specialize in the design and development of materials and equipment. Our products are manufactured by partners with high industrial capacity, excellent quality, and optimized costs. This ensures that our consumers are always provided with the best and most competitive products. In addition to the exclusive distribution of globally renowned brands, we now manufacture our own product lines in 11 different countries.

We started, in 1996, as a benchmarkt for quality with our german analog machines, but today we are leaders in 3D printing. Our product lines ranges from ceramic powders to ceramic CAD/CAM blocks. PrintaX 3D resins for procedures in models, restorations and splints. The S-series of micromotors and Phoenix dental furnaces facilitate the work from dental laboratories to dental clinics. EVE finishing and polishing, offering various products for the final caractherization of dental prosthetic work.

The Odontomega brands are often remembered and are the first choice among many dental professionals.