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MiYo Liquid Ceramic

The MiYo Finishing System is the solution for labs and clinicians who want to realize textures and effects on restorations.

Amazing material for layer characterization

What you apply is what comes out after burning. The MiYo system allows the professional to see exactly the final result of the job at the time of application. MiYo before burning is pretty much the same after burning. This feature facilitates the cases of fillings to arrive in exactly the same case presented in the mouth. The predictability of the case is complete when using the MiYo system.

The method of applying MiYo is different from traditional stains. It should be applied in layers, not touching the tip of the brush to the part, just letting the MiYo material flow slightly over the work. This method is similar to applying a paste opaque.

System Advantages

- Identify shapes, colors and textures before burning. What is applied is the result after burning.
- With MiYo the technician has predictability of the result after firing.
- Unique viscosity structure pastes, ideal for adding or modifying surface textures
- Add fluorescence, translucency and opacity. Modify contrast and depth.
- Fast application process, ensuring more productivity on a daily basis.
- Smaller contraction than ceramic. Greater color stability.
- Control of value, tone and chroma. Achieve the ideal color easily.

MiYo Esthetic System Components

23 vials of MiYo Esthetic + 1 Glaze Paste Fluor + 1 Glaze Liquid. Developed to create monolithic restorations in lithium, zirconia, felspatic, and feldspatic disilicate with leucite.

The system can be divided into 2 parts, MiYo Color and MiYo Structure. MiYo Color are 18 different types, 1 Glaze and Miyo Structure 5 types.

MiYo Color - 3 Different Levels of Translucency

Opaque Colors:
- MiYo Stain are classic colors for characterization (Stain Snow, Stain Linen, Stain Fissue).
- MiYo Mamelon with high opacity and low fluorescence (Mamelon Wheat, Mamelon Coral, Mamelon Pumpkin).

Semi-translucent Colors:
- MiYo Fluorescent Halo with medium opacity to reproduce the Halo effect on the incisal third (Halo Spring, Halo Autumn).

Translucent Colors:
- MiYo Translucent to replicate incisal and cervical translucency.
- Basic dentine colors (A, B, C, D).
- Incisal effect colors (Straw, Lotus, Clementine, Storm).
- Value colors (Smoke, Lumin).

MiYo Structure

- Structure folders to create texture and minor corrections.
- Pastes containing layering material that self-glaze during firing but retain surface detail.
- Structure pastes have a light effect similar to layering but with a minimum thickness of up to 0.1mm, ideal for monolithic restorations.
-MiYo Window (Translucent), Ghost (Whitish), Enamel (Incisal 59), Ice (Bluish Opalescent), Blush (Reddish Opalescent).

MiYo Intro Kit System Components

MiYo Intro Kit: 11 Vials of MiYo Esthetic + 1 Glaze Paste + 1 Glaze Liquid

MiYo Color: Shade A, Shade B, Storm, Straw, Linen, Fissure, Lumin, Coral, Wheat
MiYo Structure: Window, Enamel
MiYo: Glaze + Liquid

MiYo PINK System Components

MiYo Color Pink:

9 gum colors (6 opaque colors and 3 translucent colors)

Opaque Colors: Flamingo, Crimson, Plum, Merlot, Sorbet, Salmon
Translucent Colors: Midnight, Raspberry, Copper

MiYo Structure Pink: Orchid, Rouge, Frost

MiYo Pink Kit: 12 flasks of MiYo Pink + 1 Glaze Liquid

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