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MegaBlock OP - PMMA Ashless Castable

Reference: OP - OdontoMega
CAD/CAM Supplies

Cast-on burnable PMMA blocks that are ideal for casting and injection.


• Burns completely without residue.
• No contraction and deformation.
• Reproduces exact details when machining.
• Does not break even in thin thicknesses.
• Free from porosity.
• For various CAD / CAM systems.

For open systems (OPEN) 98mm

Measurements and Colors:

13-212 Megablock Blue 12mm
13-216 Megablock Blue 16mm
13-218 Megablock Blue 18mm
13-220 Megablock Blue 20mm

13-312 Megablock Clear 12mm
13-316 Megablock Clear 16mm
13-318 Megablock Clear 18mm
13-320 Megablock Clear 20mm