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Kera Disc

Reference: Liga de CoCr para fresagem - OdontoMega
CAD/CAM Supplies

Kera Disc is a pre-sintered metal CAD / CAM block. Manufactured from non-noble metal alloy based on Type 4 Cobalt Chrome Premium (Co-Cr), free of beryllium and nickel.

CAD / CAM milling technique

-Anticorrosive and biocompatible
-For crowns and bridges, abutments and supersed implants
-Easy welding (plasma or laser)
-Excellent hardness vickers of 285

Made in Germany by Eisenbacher

10-910 - 98x10mm
10-912 - 98x12mm
10-915 - 98x15mm
10-815 - 95x15mm (Zirkonzahn System)

ANVISA: 10352040022

Made in Germany